Death & Co Denver
Menu Artwork
Jackson Hole
“Stay Wild” Campaign: Bags
Jackson Hole
“Stay Wild” Custom Bike
Curvejump Poster
Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation
"Wild in Texas" Chapbook
Muhlenberg College Magazine
Cover and Spot illustrations
Brochure Illustrations
Death & Co Denver
Menu Art for “The Garden” bar
Personal Piece
Death & Co Denver
Branding, Illustrations, and Menu Design for “DC/AM”
Slow-Mag Mg
Ad Campaign
“Everyday Hassles”
Field & Stream
Fly Casting
Field & Stream
Cover, Feature Opener, and Spots
Goose Island
Label Illustrations for Goose IPA
Duluth Trading Company
Cover Illustration
Wyoming Tourism
Travis Rice Snowboards
Death & Co Book
The Atlantic
Monthly illustration for the "Sketch" column
Outside Magazine
“Encyclopedia of Gear”
Dishing Magazine
Various illustration assignments
Blue Point Brewing Co.
Oktoberfest Artwork
Arrive Magazine
“You can go your own way”
Southwest Magazine
“The Science of Spirits”—Dec 2017
Goose Island
Brewery Mural
The Rose
Menu Illustrations
Death & Co
2017 Summer Menu
Rosewood London
Menu Illustrations
Outside Magazine
National Parks issue—2016
Personal Piece
Outside Magazine
Evolution of (Adventure) Man
“S” is for Skiing
Personal Piece
Logos & Marks
A selection of my favorite logo design projects
Ad Campaign
Blue Point Brewing Co.
Winter Ale Artwork
Centrally Grown
Food Truck Artwork
T-shirt & Accessory Graphics
Persephone Bakery
Packaging Illustrations
Goose Island
Fulton St. Blend Coffee Ale
Hollywood Reporter
Oscars Issue
Barrels & Sons Brewery
Label Artwork
Campbell’s Soup
Popular Science
Editor Portraits
Goose Island
Festivity Ale Artwork
Stereoscopic GIFs
Giving a 3D twist to 2D art
Personal Piece
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Cover art for the entertainment section
Sperry Top-Sider
“Coastal Discovery”
GQ Magazine
Chicago Bars
Blue Point Brewing
Ad Campaign
Liquor Control Board of Ontario
Food Illustrations
Discovery Channel
“Everest Jump Live”
Cabin & Co
Print Ad Illustration
Garden & Gun
10 Feature Portraits
Carter Country
Family Crest Illustration
Hemispheres Magazine
Patron Illustration
Various Sketchbook Pages, 1999—Present
Personal Piece
Goose Island
Goose Oktoberfest Illustrations
Arrive Magazine
Workplace Dilemmas
Cincinnati Magazine
Old Spice
“Smellcome To Manhood” Crest
Pacific Natural Foods
Website Banner
Pacific Standard
“Suffocating the Ocean”
Personal Piece
Blue Point Brewing Co.
Mother Pumpkin Ale Artwork
Blue Point Brewing Co.
“Painters”—Illustrations for Billboards & Posters
Fall is in the Air
Dwell Magazine
Manufacturing 101
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