I worked with the Discovery Channel to create promotional artwork for their ill-fated "Everest Jump Live" event scheduled for May of 2014. The event was cancelled due to the tragic Mt. Everest avalanche on April 18th that took the lives of 16 Nepalese guides.

"Everest Jump Live" would have shown professional climber and wing suit pilot, Joby Ogwyn, attempt to make the first wing suit flight off the summit of Mt. Everest. Discovery Channel was going to film and live-stream the entire event, including footage from Go-Pro's strapped onto Joby's wing suit and helmet. Understandably, Discovery decided to cancel the project shortly after the avalanche and instead refocus on their "Everest Avalanche Tragedy" special which aired on May 4th. 

The artwork I created was given a motion-graphics treatment by Discovery and used as the main focus of the event's website prior to the tragedy. The fully-functioning, interactive site included info-graphic overlays and an animated altimeter showing the elevations of each of the illustrated stages of the climb and flight, but it has been replaced with information about the avalanche. Donations to help the Sherpa families can be made here: http://everestavalanchetragedy.com/sherpa-fund.html

Scroll down to see the original, raw video from the site.

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