Authentic stories about people and their money. From the drama of debt to looking for loans, I collaborated with Cramer-Krasselt and Digital Kitchen to create this series of 30-second animated commercials for KeyBank told in the voice of consumers. They completed a larger campaign that included print, TV and a dedicated microsite.

Under the art direction of Cramer-Krasselt and Digital Kitchen, I created all of the artwork for the 5 spots and handed them over to DK to bring it all to life. Click over to this post for a sample of some of the original key frame drawings.
Below is the "animatic" that we made as part of the testing phase. The client needed to see a rough draft animation before committing to moving forward with the final TV spots. 
AGENCY: Cramer-Krasselt/Chicago
creative director: Pat Hanna
art director: Noel Ritter
producer: Tammy Auel
art buyer: Lorraine Harkins

ANIMATION HOUSE: Digital Kitchen
creative director / animator: Anthony Vitagliano
executive creative director: Jeff Long
producer: Erica Rangel
executive producer: Kent Smith
editor: Andrew Maggio
animators: Nick Campbell, Jason Esser, Frank Donnangelo, Peter Kallstrom, Anthony Vitagliano, Prischilla Olsen, Gary Whitney, Eric Meister, Pat Bradley, Jeff Mika, Jessica Plummer, Jeremy Rumas, George Gipson
3D animators: Amador Valenzuela, Aaron Kemnitzer, Joey Park
music/sound: Another Country

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